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Christmas Origami

Making origami is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit, whether you're folding snowflakes for an origami Christmas card or teaching your children how to make a paper Santa.

Christmas Origami Ideas
Get ideas for fun and easy paper folding projects for everything from Christmas decor to creative gift wrapping ideas.

How to Make Easy Origami Christmas Decorations
Learn how to make an easy origami Christmas decoration to hang on your tree or in your windows.

Origami Wreath Instructions
Learn how to fold an origami wreath. These origami wreath instructions are easy to follow and provide a good introduction to the basics of modular origami.

Origami Gift Card Envelope
Learn how to make an origami gift card envelope that doubles as a cute ornament for your tree. This Christmas origami project is a unique way to present a gift card to a friend or family member.

How to Make a Paper Santa With Your Kids
Learn how to make a paper Santa with this easy Christmas origami project. Children can complete this Santa origami in less than 15 minutes.

Easy Origami Christmas Card Ideas
Learn how to make easy origami Christmas cards featuring origami snowflakes and origami Christmas trees. Modular origami techniques make this a good project for beginning paper folders.

Origami Christmas Ornament Instructions
Learn how to make origami Christmas ornaments that look like sparkling stars by combining copy paper, glitter glue, and curling ribbon.

Origami Dove Printable Christmas Card
Download exclusive printable papers and learn how to create a pretty origami dove Christmas card.

Easy Christmas Tree Origami
Christmas tree origami offers a quick and easy way to add a dose of holiday cheer to your home. Paper Christmas trees can also be used to decorate origami Christmas cards.

How to Make Woven Paper Christmas Stars
Learn how to make woven paper Christmas stars based on the traditional Froebel star design. The stars are the perfect decoration for a handmade Christmas card.

Modular 16 Point Origami Star
Learn how to fold a 16 point star using modular origami techniques. This design can be used as a Christmas tree ornament, a photo frame, or a large holiday wreath.

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