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Money Origami

Learning about money origami can be an interesting alternative to traditional paper folding projects. Money origami designs such as a rose or dollar bill origami ring make for creative ways to give cash gifts on birthdays and other special occasions. Origami money folding is also a fun way to preserve foreign currency kept as memorabilia from a special vacation.

5 Ways to Use Money Origami
This slideshow provides examples of five of the many different occasions where money origami gifts like the money origami wreath are appropriate.

Money Origami: A Review
Learn why Money Origami: Make the Most of Your Dollar! by Michael G. LaFosse and Richard L. Alexander is a must-have origami book for anyone interested in dollar bill origami.

LaFosse and Alexander's Dollar Origami: A Review
LaFosse and Alexander's Dollar Origami is a worthy follow up to Michael G. LaFosse and Richard L. Alexander's popular Money Origami kit.

Learn How to Make a Money Origami Wreath
A money origami wreath offers a fun yet memorable way to present a cash gift. Change the bill denominations as needed to accommodate your budget.

Money Origami Heart Instructions
Learn a simple technique for folding a money origami heart. The money origami heart instructions in this tutorial can be completed in five minutes or less.

How to Make a Money Origami Bunny
A money bunny is fun to fold and a cute Easter origami project to give to a child.

How to Make a Money Origami Kusudama Flower
Learn how to adapt the kusudama flower instructions to make a money origami flower.

How to Make a Money Origami Shirt
Follow these step-by-step instructions to learn how to fold a cute money origami shirt. This is a good project for children, as well as adult beginners.

How to Make a Money Origami Ninja Star
Get instructions for how to make a money origami ninja star to leave as a tip or give as a special gift.

How to Fold an Origami Money Tree
Learn how to fold an origami money tree. This model works especially well as a Christmas gift.

How to Make a Money Origami Heart Bookmark
A money origami heart bookmark is cute, practical, and easy to fold.

Dollar Origami Bracelet Instructions
Learn how to fold a money origami bracelet made with interlocking links. The bracelet can be made to fit children as well as adults, making it the perfect gift idea.

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