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Origami Airplanes

Paper airplanes are loved by people of all ages, so it's not surprising that you can find origami plane instructions for both children and adults. Origami airplanes are a great way to build your paper folding skills. In time, you may even decide to design your own origami aircraft.

A Brief History of Paper Airplanes
Learn about how the hobby of making paper airplanes has changed over the years.

Cool Paper Airplane Trivia
Test your paper airplane knowledge with a fun quiz from About Origami.

Learn How to Fold the Perfect Paper Airplane
Learn basic tips that will help you fold the perfect paper airplane. Impress your friends by folding a plane that flies higher and faster than the typical origami plane.

How to Make a Simple Paper Airplane
Learn how to make a simple paper airplane using basic origami techniques. The best paper airplane does not have to be difficult to fold.

Star Wars Folded Flyers: A Review
Learn more about why Star Wars Folded Flyers is a necessity for any Star Wars fan who wants to learn more about origami.

About the Dart Paper Plane
Learn about the classic dart paper plane and the paper airplane designs that have been inspired by this traditional paper toy.

Paper Airplanes that Loop
Learn the proper throwing technique for making a paper airplane loop and review stunt plane models that are best suited for paper airplane tricks.

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