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Origami Classes

Origami classes provide a fun way to learn origami while meeting other people who share your interest in paper folding. Origami classes can be offered through private origami clubs as well as through local community colleges, recreation centers, or craft stores. Classes provide origami folding instructions, assistance in mastering various folding techniques, and help identifying common origami errors.

Learn Origami
About Origami provides an overview of the resources that are available for the beginning paper folder who wants to learn origami online.

Origami Teaching Tips
Get tips for beginning your first origami teaching experience. Learn how to choose an appropriate model to fold, how to set up your classroom, and how to provide positive feedback for your students.

Origami in Art Therapy
Discover the many unique ways in which origami can be incorporated into an art therapy plan.

Origami Clubs, Associations, and Groups
Origami is practiced by people all around the world. Origami clubs, groups, societies, and associations let people join together to share their love of paper folding.

How to Photograph Origami
Learn how to take better photos of origami creations.

5 Ways to Make Awesome Origami
Learning how to make awesome origami takes lots of practice, but the job will be easier if you keep in mind some basic tips.

Where to Get Origami Paper
Knowing where to get origami paper is essential for paper folding success. Even if you don't live near a craft store, there are many different ways to find cheap origami paper or free origami paper to use for your designs.

How to Throw an Origami Party
Get tips on how to share your love of paper folding with your friends by throwing an origami theme party. The origami party theme works well for many different types of celebrations.

Ideas and Inspiration
Can't decide what to make next? About Origami is here to provide ideas and inspiration for a variety of paper folding projects.

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