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Can't decide what to make next? About Origami is here to provide ideas and inspiration for a variety of paper folding projects.
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  2. Origami Bases
  3. Free Origami Paper Downloads
  4. Origami Project Ideas
  1. Holiday Origami
  2. Tea Bag Folding
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Getting Started

simple paper airplane

Everything you need to know before you begin folding your first model.

Origami Bases

Learn how to identify and fold the most common origami bases.

Free Origami Paper Downloads

Origami Birthday Card

Free printable origami paper from About Origami. Save your favorite designs and print them as many times as you want for all of your paper folding projects.

Origami Project Ideas

Get ideas for your next paper folding project, regardless of your origami skill level.

Holiday Origami

origami heart

Ideas for simple gifts and decor items you can make to celebrate your favorite holidays.

Tea Bag Folding

Tea bag folding

Tea bag folding is a form of origami commonly used to decorate handmade cards.

Origami Tips

Origami bookmark

Tips to help you take your paper folding skills to the next level.

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