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How to Make Origami Lucky Stars

Origami Lucky Star Instructions


Origami lucky stars are a traditional design that can be made into a lovely handmade gift.

Lucky stars are often normally given as a gift in a decorated glass jar. The number of stars in the jar is said to have a special significance, although there seems to be some disagreement about how many stars are needed for a message. One popular interpretation is:

  • 1 star: I love you.
  • 55 stars: Never regret for loving you.
  • 66 stars: Wishing our love is borderless.
  • 99 stars: Wishing to be with you forever and ever.
  • 101 stars: You are the only one in my life.
  • 129 stars: Wishing you will love me forever and ever.
  • 548 stars: Wishing you love me deeply.
  • 999 stars: Forever love.
  • 1,000 stars: Never regret for loving you forever and ever.
  • 10,000 stars: Love you 10,000 years.

As you might expect, origami lucky stars are popular gifts for weddings and anniversaries. You can even buy jars of lucky stars from various Etsy sellers if you don't have the time or patience to try to make your own.

Another story that is associated with origami lucky stars compares the stars to the traditional origami crane and says that you'll be granted one wish if you fold 1,000 stars. This story refers to the origami lucky stars as origami wishing stars.

The origami star is different from other traditional origami models because it is folded with a long, thin strip of paper instead of a square. The paper used in this tutorial is 11 inches x 0.5 inches. It is cut from a sheet of Neenah Creative Collection pearlescent paper. The lovely finish of this paper complements the star well, but you can also use patterned scrapbook paper or print off once of the designs from the About Origami Free Printable Letter Sized Origami Paper slideshow if you wish.

Once you've gotten the hang of folding origami stars from standard sized paper strips, try experimenting with various paper sizes to make a larger or smaller origami stars. Metallic gold or silver wrapping paper would be a good source of material for this type of project.

1. Position Your Paper

Origami Lucky Stars
© Dana Hinders

Hold your paper so it looks like an upside down cancer awareness ribbon.

2. Tie a Knot

Origami Lucky Stars
© Dana Hinders

Tie a knot in the paper, then press gently to flatten. When finished, your paper should look like the photo to the left.

3. Tuck in the Short Edge

Origami Lucky Stars
© Dana Hinders

Tuck the short end of the paper into the pentagon you just created. If necessary, you can trim the edge of the paper to make it fit better.

4. Wrap the Paper

Origami Lucky Stars
© Dana Hinders

Wrap the long end of the paper around each side of the pentagon, making sure to line the edges up with the initial shape you created. Tuck in the end of the paper to secure the shape. If necessary, trim the end of the paper with scissors to make it fit better.

5. Complete Your Origami Lucky Star

Origami Lucky Stars
© Dana Hinders

To complete your origami lucky star, gently pinch each edge of the pentagon to create small indentations. This will make your paper puff out into the desired star shape.

Getting an attractive star shape takes practice, so don't give up if your first few stars look less than perfect. (Keep in mind that if you put them in a jar as a gift, you can easily hide the stars you don't like in the middle of the jar!)

If you don't want to put your origami wishing stars in a jar, you can string them together to make a hanging garland or use them as beads for an origami jewelry making project.

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