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Origami Flowers

Origami flowers provide a creative alternative to decorating your home with silk bouquets. There are patterns for easy origami flowers to help you create roses, lilies, tulips, and more. Flat paper flowers can be attached to handmade greeting cards, while 3D origami flowers can be displayed as individual blooms on a shelf or combined to make a complete origami bouquet in the vase of your choice.

Origami Paper Flowers
Learn how to identify and fold some of the most popular types of origami flowers, including the origami lily, origami kusudama flower, and Kawasaki rose.

How to Make an Origami Kusudama Flower
The kusudama flower is an easy origami project for people interested in learning more about the art of paper folding.

Origami Lily Flower Instructions
Learn how to fold your own origami lily flower. This is a very popular paper folding project because you can fold a single bloom or make your own arrangement of pretty origami flowers.

How to Make an Abstract Origami Kusudama Flower
This simple variation of the traditional origami kusudama flower results in an interesting bloom for origami flower arrangements.

How to Make an Easy Origami Flower
Learn how to make an easy origami flower using a square base.

Easy Origami Tulip Instructions
Learn how to make an easy origami tulip in about 15 minutes.

How to Make an Origami Lotus Flower Photo Frame
Learn how to fold an origami lotus flower photo frame that makes a good Mother's Day gift for kids to make. This project is suitable for children ages eight and up.

How to Make a Money Origami Kusudama Flower
Learn how to adapt the kusudama flower instructions to make a money origami flower.

How to Make an Origami Flower Box
Origami flower boxes are a beautiful way to present candy or small gifts for special occassions such as Valentine's Day.

Origami Sunflower Instructions
Learn how to fold a pretty origami sunflower using modular origami techniques.

How to Make an Origami Flower Picture Frame
Origami flower picture frames are easy to make and a cute way to display your favorite photos.

How to Make an Easy Origami Rose
Learn how to fold a simple origami rose from square notepaper. This design uses the origami blintz base form.

Origami Flowers: Fold Beautiful Paper Bouquets With Kazuo Kobayashi
Origami Flowers: Fold Beautiful Paper Bouquets by Kazuo Kobayashi encourages paper folders to keep their brains active by creating pretty origami blooms that can be used as gifts, decorations, or part of a table setting.

Origami Bonsai: A Review
Benjamin John Coleman's Origami Bonsai gives paper folding enthusiasts a solid introduction to this unique art form.

Origami Day Lily Instructions
Learn how to fold a colorful origami day lily that's perfect for springtime.

Origami Window Flowers
Make origami window flowers in your favorite colors to bring a smile to your face whenever you look outside.

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