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How to Fold an Origami Wallet

A Fun Father's Day Gift for Kids to Make


Are your little ones looking for a fun project to make for Father's Day? This origami wallet is filled with coupons that Dad can redeem for special treats as he wishes. It is a simple origami project for young children to fold and can be embellished in many different ways depending upon the age of the folder and the preferences of the father who will receive it.

If you're looking for another small gift to go with this creative wallet full of coupons, try making Dad an origami crown so he can be "king of the castle" for the day. If you can find enough gold or silver metallic origami paper, this crown makes for some great photo ops for the family scrapbook!

1. Make the Initial Folds

Origami Wallet
© Dana Hinders

Choose the paper for your origami wallet. You will need one sheet of square paper. I've used 12 inch x 12 inch scrapbook paper in this tutorial. However, this would also be a fun project for recycling some of your child's colorful finger paintings. You could even make an origami wallet from the Sunday comics, taking care to fold so that Dad's favorite cartoon strip ends up on the front of the finished wallet.

Begin by folding the paper in half horizontally with the colored side of the paper face down. Unfold, then fold in half vertically. Unfold again. When you're finished with this step, you'll have a cross crease pattern in your paper.

2. Fold to the Center

Origami Wallet
© Dana Hinders

Fold the upper and lower edges of the paper to the center. When you're finished, your origami wallet should look like the project in the photo to the left.

3. Fold From Top to Bottom

Origami Wallet
© Dana Hinders

Flip the paper over, then fold the left and right short edges to the center. When you're finished, your origami wallet should look like the project in the photo to the left.

4. Complete Your Origami Wallet

Origami Wallet
© Dana Hinders

Fold the paper in half from top to bottom and then from left to right to complete your origami wallet. If you've used thicker paper, it might be a good idea to use a ruler or other straight edge to help make this crease a bit sharper. The neater the crease, the nicer your finished wallet will look.

Decorate the front of the wallet with a picture or some fun Father's Day clip art, if desired. You can find free clip art resources on the About Web Clip Art site.

5. Download Coupons

Printable Homemade Coupons
© Dana Hinders

Click here to download a JPG file with printable coupons. Print onto the paper of your choice, then write down chores or treats that the kids would like to give Dad on each coupon. This will vary according to the age of the child, but could include everything from an extra big hug or going to bed without whining to washing the car or helping Dad clean out the garage. Don't forget to include an expiration date for each coupon! When you're finished, cut apart the coupons so they fit in the wallet. Each coupon is about the size of a business card.

Although the origami wallet makes a great Father's Day project, you can easily adapt this concept to fit several different occasions. For example, you could make a wallet for your kids with coupons they can redeem for treats like an extra 30 minutes of TV time or a family game night where they get to pick the board game everyone plays.

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