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Origami Supplies

For many people, part of the appeal of learning origami is that there are very few necessary origami supplies. All you really need to get started is an assortment of origami paper. However, you can also find a number of origami books and origami DVDs with ideas and instructions for folding everything from flowers to origami animals.
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Free Origami Online
Learn where to find printable origami paper, origami ebooks, and other great freebies for paper folding fans.

Tips for Working With Printable Origami Papers
Learn how to find and use free printable origami paper designs for your folding projects.

Origami Paper Supplies
Choosing the right origami paper can greatly enhance the look of your finished project. Learn how to find the right type of origami paper for a particular origami model.

The Beauty of Folding Chiyogami Paper
Chiyogami paper, also known as yuzen, is a special type of Japanese handmade paper used for multiple craft projects. Chiyogami origami paper works well for folding cranes and abstract or geometric models.

Fabric Origami Supplies and Tools
Fabric origami offers an interesting variation on traditional paper folding. Learn what tools and supplies you will need to begin making fabric origami models such as a fabric origami box or fabric origami flower.

Origami for the First Time: A Review

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