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Who doesn't love free stuff? Whether you're completely new to the art of paper folding or have been studying origami for quite some time, there are a number of cool online origami freebies that you might be interested in. The next time you have a few minutes to kill, download some free printable origami paper, play a virtual origami game, or watch a video about origami history.

This list is a work in progress, so please feel free to contact me at origami@aboutguide.com if you stumble across an interesting origami freebie that you think should be included.

Origami E-Course

The About Origami: Origami 101 e-course is a series of weekly lessons covering origami history, origami terms, and how to fold several different origami models.

Origami E-Book

Origami Fun offers a PDF origami ebook with instructions for several popular paper folding projects when you sign up for the site's newsletter. You can also download a collection of PDF printable origami papers if desired.

Printable Origami Papers

About Origami has several different 4 inch x 4 inch printable origami papers.

If you need slightly bigger paper, About Origami also has a collection of 6 inch x 6 inch printable origami papers. You can also take a look at our letter sized printable origami papers.

Download paper and instructions to make an origami Thanksgiving card with a pretty folded leaf embellishment.

Download paper and instructions to make an origami dove printable Christmas card.

Make your own cootie catcher paper toys with free printable origami paper designs from About Origami.

Origami Instructional Videos

About Origami has created a handy list of instructional video tutorials on the About.com Video site.

Miscellaneous Origami Videos

Between the Folds is a PBS documentary that explores origami's relationship to art, science, and mathematics. If you are a subscriber to the Netflix instant streaming service, this documentary is available to add to your queue.

After watching Between the Folds, check out this presentation by filmmaker Vanessa Gould to learn more about her inspiration for the project.

The Sadako Sasaki Story is an animated cartoon telling the story of the famous young girl who made it her mission to fold 1,000 paper cranes after being diagnosed with leukemia cased by the bombing of Japan during WWII.

Origami Apps in iTunes

Origami I is an app with instructions for a variety of beginner models. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This is the first in a series of progressively harder origami apps designed by EasyTime Inc.

Kids Origami is an app with instructions for over 50 different kid-friendly projects. It is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

Origami Apps in the Amazon Appstore

The Origami Instructions app offers step-by-step instructions for simple paper folding projects suitable for children as well as adult beginners. The Christmas bell, Christmas tree, reindeer, and Santa Claus are likely to be a hit with very young paper folders.

Origami Tutorial offers tutorials for beginning paper folders in 11 different categories. Your favorite designs can be marked with stars for future reference.

Origami Game

The Folds-Origami game on Kongregate lets you virtually fold paper to make a medium triangle, a taco, a torch, a diamond, a Chinese finger trap, and more. To play, click your mouse on the corner of the paper you want to fold and drag it to the correct area. The game tracks the number of folds you've used and you must create the desired shape within the correct number of folds in order to move on to the next level of the game.

Photos of Origami

MorgueFile has a large collection of photos of origami models contributed by various members of the site. All of the images are free to use for both personal and commercial purposes.

Origami Screensavers for Your Computer

Joost Langeveld offers several different free origami screensavers, including screensavers of origami flowers and origami animals.

Origami-Inspired Graphics

Vectorius has a collection of free origami-inspired vector graphics that includes origami banners, an origami alphabet, origami flowers, and origami cranes.

My Nerdy Notebook has a download of free origami-inspired butterfly graphics.

Origami Fonts

Dafont has a free origami font designed by Peter Fritzsche that mimics the look of folded paper letters.

Naveen Chandru's En Origami font has outlines of letters done using a series of mountain and valley folds.

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